About The Feather Factory - Suppliers of Feathers for Fashion & Crafts

The Feather Factory is an absolutely unique online feather store.

Our high quality feathers are processed, hand sorted, hand dyed and manufactured in the UK.

Our feathers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a huge range of applications, including:

  • Fashion
  • Dancewear
  • Millinery
  • Craft and Jewellery
  • Costumes, Theatres and Films
  • Carnival
  • Military

Why not browse our extraordinary range and see where your creative flair takes you?

Feathers for Everyone, From Fashion to Dancewear and Costumes for Theatre and Film to Millinery and Interior Design

At The Feather Factory we aim to supply feathers for all events, so whether you just want a feather boa for a special day or feathers to trim your new hat, browse our extensive range to find exactly what you're looking for and more!

With free standard UK delivery on all orders over £50 don't forget to make the most of your purchase!

For more information on the best feathers to use for a certain occasion or style, please get in touch with an expert who will gladly give you their advice on the ideal colour, style and size.

We Supply Wholesale Feathers to the Trade

We can also supply for trade customers who require larger orders, please enquire if you would like to discuss an order.

Most of our products have price tiers online so the more you buy the cheaper they are, this is ideal for regular customers or those who require bulk orders to save time and money!

UK Feather Production - Worldwide Delivery

At The Feather Factory we pride ourselves on sourcing, manufacturing and dyeing all of our feather products right here in the UK. That's how you know you're getting the best quality and service every time.

If you need a delivery to another country though, we are more than happy to cater for this! With such a high demand for high quality feather products, we deliver to the UK, Europe and Worldwide, with Standard and Express options for all.

Our Feather Colours

We have an extrensive Dancewear collection with colours dyed to match popular dancewear colours, if you can't see what you need then please enquire.

Our colour selections are purely for use as a guide as due to feathers being a natural product there will be variations between different types of feathers.

If you already have a feather product that needs some new life, or the perfect outfit that needs the perfect coloured accessory, take advantage of our specialist dye to match service for certain feathers and fringes. Please enquire for more infomation.

We have tried to represent the colour we use to dye the feathers but naturally dark feathers will dye may give a different final colour to lighter feathers.

Sourced Feathers 

Thanks to it's variety of sources, The Feather Factory is able to make use of a stunning array of naturally occurring patterns and striking colours.

We also use traditional hand crafting techniques and chemistry to create stunning effects from the more modest looking feathers. 

All feathers and feather products featured online are from farmed or common game birds and none from rare or endangered species. However techniques such as burning and curling can be used to imitate wild birds plumage without utilising their feathers.

 As a company we spend a lot of time trying to source our feathers from UK farms who use high levels of animal husbandry. The poultry, farmed and game feathers we use would ordinarily be treated as a waste product and therefore discarded without use. 

Have a look at our rare breed turkey feathers from Norfolk with stunning patterns. Throwing these out really would be a waste! 


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