Great value feather boas.

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  • All of our feathers and feather products are from farmed poultry or common game birds, we do not take any feathers from rare, endangered or wild birds.

    The farmed Poultry and Game feathers that we use would ordinarily be treated as a waste product and therefore discarded without use. We endeavour to use these ‘waste’ products and create something special with them.   
  • Where possible we will ship orders placed on the same day. This will be dependant on time of placing order, stock availablity and size of order.

    If you have a deadline please let us know when ordering and will aim to meet this wherever possible.

    If you choose express delivery this will be shipped using your chosen method for next day delivery.

  • The Ply refers to the thickness. 

    In a 2 ply fringe or boa there will be 2 layers of feathers whereas a 5 ply fringe or boa will have 5 layers of feathers and so will be thicker.
  • All of our boas measure approximately 1.8m in length unless stated otherwise.

    We do not sell shorter lengths except occasionally in special offers.

    We can sew boas together to create longer lengths in mulitiples of 1.8m if required, please enquire prior to ordering.

    You can cut the boas if you require shorter lengths for your project and they will retain their shape.

    We would not accept any boas for return if they have been cut.
  • Our standard Fashion and Dancewear range uses Ostrich material with a depth of 12-15cm for a beautifully full and luxurious appearance.

    Our essentials range for Fashion and Dancewear use a shorter Ostrich strand with a depth of approximately 10cm, it still has a lovely fluffy appearance but is better for projects on a tighter budget.

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